4 years ago when I was living in the utter GHETTOS of NYC I would stare out of my kitchen window at a brick wall and the trash filled yard of my neighbors.

It was dirty, disgusting and I longed for my own home out West.

I had left my real estate business behind in Texas to help my terminally ill sister and I was raising her daughter along with my own two.

I spent countless hours staring out of that window hating where I was.

I was resentful of how I had gotten sucked in and stuck there.

Most of my time spent fighting off despair, frustration, anger, fear and general hopelessness.

It was soul sucking.

My environment was so negative and damaging I felt like it was an uphill battle every day just to smile.

I was surrounded by death and destruction.

My close friend and next door neighbor to one side had been brutally murdered.

It was PURE HELL living next to her house knowing it still had the marks of the fight she put up for her life.

My baby sister had lived next to me in the house on the other side……….. and she also Died.

In my arms.

Both homes a nasty reminder of death and despair and I was smack in the middle.

I wanted out.

I had to escape yet I was so overwhelmed I had no idea how it would happen.

My elderly mother refused to move, my daughters father lived close and I didn’t want to deny him the girls.

People needed me in NYC and I needed OUT.

It was truly terrifying how trapped and suffocated I felt.

However………. I have a strong belief that you create your own reality and in the back of my head amoung all the negativity was a small but strong belief that I could change things.


It was the ONE thing I can truly say kept me sane and struggling on.

Whether you believe you can or you cant …………is up to YOU.

Choose to believe you can.

Believe in yourself.

Believe in your dreams.

Believe in your abilities to make your dreams come true.

Believe its is all possible and within reach .

Believe it will happen.

Believe you cant stop it from happening.

Believe you are worth it.

What you should NEVER BELIEVE are the naysayers who chirp in the background that you can not do something.

Just believe they are wrong and they have their purpose.

( rocket fuel for the entrepreneur is to tell them they can not do something)

Write down everything you want . Literally every single thing. Next to it write :

“I allow myself to believe ________ ” ( insert whatever it is you want)

For example if you want a a thriving business you can work from home write :

I want to work from home. ” I allow myself to believe I am working from home”

I wrote

  • I allow myself to believe I can get us out of here
  • I allow myself to believe this is not permanent.
  • I allow myself to believe I will find a way.
  • I allow myself to believe I will be living near sandy white beaches and staring at palm trees soon.
  • I allow myself to believe I will once again have a beautiful home for my girls with lots of safe room for them to play.
  • I allow myself to believe in a better life.

I wrote this on cards and stuck them on walls all over my house.

I wrote in on sticky notes and placed it on my steering wheel.

I chanted positivity all day long to myself in the face of constant negativity.

4 Years later ………..I sit in a beach front gorgeous condo with a lap top and not only the business of my dreams…..but the LIFE of my dreams.



The sandy white crystal clear beaches of Florida are a LONG WAY from where I started 4 years ago.

I did it. I got out.


Drop me a comment and let me know what you believe. Id love to hear your thoughts.