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Everything that grows ………….must change to do so.

Whether it is willing to or not……it happens.

The only thing we can control about that is how painful we make the process

That is determined by how much we resist.

I write this as I am facing major change in my life and starting to see the process begin.

I teter right on the verge of a huge growth spurt where my entire self image is cracking out of its shell.

Im already seeking pieces hit the ground.

Im not picking them up.

I want to change I do, but in order to help facilitate it, I have to make VERY SERIOUS life decisions. FAST.

I can feel myself stretching and shouldering out of who I thought I was as I reach WAY out of my comfort zone to become more than I ever thought possible.

Its freaking amazing !!

So tell me ………………..

Do you embrace or resist change ?