Repeat after me ……I deserve to live free !

I DESERVE to live free!


Really feel that, deep down where it matters, because freedom is often considered the ultimate success and yet the most common thing we lack in life.

It can show up in many ways and means different things for different people.

For example lack of freedom might be ……

  • Having to report to a boss………( who you aren’t overly fond of )
  • Having to ask your spouse for money…….( common peril )
  • Having to ask for time off to take care of sick kids or a much needed vacation.
  • Being controlled by your alarm clock and calendar……..(early mornings and late nights )
  • ¬†Doing things you hate just so you can have what you don’t even really enjoy ……..( work all the time for a big home you are never in)

Really its just a lack of choice to live at your own whim and will.

Heres the thing, if you want to be free, you have to first realize that you are not.

I lived a cage many years in which sometimes I did not even see the bars.

( sad right ?)

When I finally did, they were so thick and strong I didn’t know how to even begin working my way out of them. ( insert terror, frustration and despair )

I eventually got out of my cage and stepped into freedom but its truly wasn’t all that long ago that I was like many of you, thinking maybe I had no choice, that this is how it has to be because I am a mother, a grown up ….( insert numerous sad excuses )

The reality is we all have a choice, and you can choose to be free.

First you must define what freedom looks like to you and then you must believe you DESERVE IT.

For me it meant

  • no alarm clock
  • no boss
  • no debt
  • no restrictions on travel……………..I wanted to roam at whim and will
  • never having to ask permission to spend time with my kids
  • not being limited by finances or time frames
  • a mate that embraced all the same desires and who also lived to travel…….( hes a pilot :))
  • a business I could run from anywhere with a laptop

Notice that without the last desire I couldn’t have many of the ones above it.

” A business I could run from anywhere with a laptop ”

For me thats what It all boiled down to. Perhaps thats what it boils down to for you as well.

Either way whatever freedom looks like to you ¬†…………….start by believing you DESERVE it.

Because that is where the magic of getting what you want BEGINS my loves ……………….